Escape from the Tribal Village Game

Escape from the Tribal Village

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Assume in this game one day you were watching the television in your living-room when suddenly you glanced a tv program about the Australian outback. You had never been there before and you had already managed to save enough money to afford a journey there. The next day you went inside a travel agency, booked the trip and a couple of days later you were already driving a hire car on the Australian highway. Your destination was a small village which situated in the middle of the harshest land on the island. When you arrived the inhabitants welcomed you kindly, and offered a boat journey to the nearby waterfall. You accepted it and get on a small boat. Reaching the spectacular place suddenly you glanced a cave behind the waterfall. You entered and found a hidden thriving world. You were just about to leave when the entrance collapsed behind you. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out. Have fun!



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