Escape Treasure From Pirate Island Game

Escape Treasure From Pirate Island

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Escape Treasure From Pirate Island is a game developed by Ena Games. Imagine in this game you are a student who had been taking part in an exchange program abroad for years. One day it was finally the end of this long-term journey of your life. You packed your stuff, said farewell to your hosts and started your way home to your beloved family. When you arrived they welcomed you with your favourite meals and announced the next day you were going to a vessel trip on the vast sea. So on the next morning you set out early in order to avoid the traffic jam toward your destination. Arriving there you put down your bags and headed to the port because the boat was waitig for you there. You were sailing out in the sea when suddenly you glanced a small island nearby. You docked near to the island and approached it by a small boat. After you explored it thoroughly you were ready to leave. Returning to the boat you realized its steering wheel was useless. Find hidden objects and fit them together to repair it and make your way home. Good luck!



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