Escape Treasure from Crocodile Game

Escape Treasure from Crocodile

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Escape Treasure from Crocodile is a point and click game from Ena Games. Assume one of your colleagues had just returned home from a safari tour. He advised you to ask for a couple of free days from the boss and visit that breathtaking place. You didn't hesitate long and the next day you were on the plane there. As you arrived a guide waited for you at the airport. He suggested to check out a riverside before you went to the hotel because one time in every year the crocodiles of the river spend the whole day under the water. They just come back to the surface just for a short time for air. When you arrived you took out your camera to take some pictures. In the meantime you dropped your treasure box into the water accidentally. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get it back without venturing into the water. Good luck and have fun!



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