Escape The Pool Game

Escape The Pool

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It's your first time after a few years of being on the pool once again. It seems like you have actually forgotten how it felt like to be in the water and splash around. So you asked your friends and they gladly went with you to the pool. You enjoyed your day so much that you felt so tired as you went out of the water. After freshening up, you lie down on one of the pool side chairs. You closed your eyes to relax but you fell asleep. Your friends one by one left as they have thought you've already gone. But what they didn't know is that you're still there. The night guard mistaken you for sheets and just passed by. So when you woke up, you're all alone and can't get out of the Super Splash World.

  1. Date: October 13, 2016
    Author: Celaena
    Yet another unplayable game from Mouse City thanks to all the video ads on the page. If you're looking to freeze up your computer, have at it!

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