Escape The Deep Game

Escape The Deep

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If you think that 1,000 feet are deep enough, you are wrong. You were in a diving competition and you were really feeling competitive that time. So you dove like it's the last dive of your life. Because of this, you never stopped diving until you reached your limit. You felt like you were losing some air and you need to resurface. But somehow, you found yourself in the deepest part of the ocean. You never knew that the myth of the Ocean City is real. You end up in that place and it is so surreal. It's cool that you came to that place but you can't stop thinking about how you can escape from the deep. You need to go back to where you belong and that is 10,000 feet above sea level.

The people up there must worry about you so you have to be quick and find a way to escape from the deep. There are puzzles down there that you have to solve to find your way out. Take a deep breath and play Escape The Deep room escape game from Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Swim your way out and use your logic to escape. Best of luck!


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