Escape Survivor Island Day 2 Game

Escape Survivor Island Day 2

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Escape Survivor Island Day 2 is game made by Selfdefiant. Imagine you took part in a tv show which prize was a one week long cruise ship journey. On a sunny friday afternoon you got in the ship and started to spend probably your best week in your life. As you were sailing amongst the islands of the caribbean sea suddenly a horn began to ring and you realized you were heading inro a heavy storm. Everybody had to put on a vest and be ready to an evacuation of the ship if it was necessary. Suddenly a lightning hit the ship and it started to sink. You run to the lifesaving boats but the ship tilted for a moment and you fell into the ocean. The water was soo cold you fell unconscious. When you woke up you were thrown into shore on a deserted island. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out from here and survive this adventure. Good luck!



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