Escape From Spanish Cottage 2 Game

Escape From Spanish Cottage 2

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This is the second episode of the Escape From Spanish Cottage game released by Enagames. Imagine you had been planning to complete a famous pilgrimage which run across Spain. One day you gathered all of your courage and booked a plane ticket into that country in the next month. A couple of weeks later you arrived to the assigned destination where the route started. You were walking on the path for days when suddenly you glanced a small hut next to the road. You were glad because you had been sleeping in tent for days and you wanted to spend a night in a house soo much. You entered and realized it was totally abandonned. It was fairly cold but proper for a one night sleep. The next day when you woke up the sun was rising and made a beautiful landscape outside. You wanted to go out to admire it but appallingly found the entrance locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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