Escape Skull Mountain Game

Escape Skull Mountain

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You have successfully escaped Phantom Castle, now it's time to face Skull Mountain. It was such a weird dream that took you here. You haven't even watched any scary movies or videos before going to sleep. Still, you were able to dream of this weird location. However, looking at the day before, you remembered seeing a masked person. He was wearing a skull mask and he was waving at you. You waved back at him just to be polite. And you walked passed him. A few steps ahead, you saw another skull-masked person. This time he was closer to you. So you walked faster away from them. You started feeling weird about the whole skull-masked person situation. Then again, it didn't stop there. While you're about to enter your home, you saw more skull-masked persons heading your way. Instantly, you went inside your house and locked it well.

That night, you can't help of thinking about those persons. They seem to be following you or are they having a gathering which you didn't know of. So you tried to erase this from your mind and have a good night's sleep. You're experiencing a nightmare on a mountain instead. Play Escape Skull Mountain outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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