Escape Scientist Mad Lab Game

Escape Scientist Mad Lab

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He was such a promising scientist. He brought to life ideas for inventions. However, he usually wasn't able to finish his inventions. He just started them. Then some of his friends would spot it and make it work for them. You somehow felt bad for him. Then again, he could act crazy at times that you ended up avoiding him. His craziness usually comes out when he's super stressed with things that aren't going his way. He would start talking very fast and rummage through his stuffs. The stuffs would almost fly around everywhere. When he was done with his raging, you were always ready to clean up every time. This continued for the whole time you were with him. But regardless of all these, you stuck with him. He generously shared the knowledge he had. Yet some people still took advantage of him.

He died of old age and left the lab to you. You don't have any concrete plans of staying here. And you want to start a new life somewhere else. However, you still stay here until you put everything into place. But the place is becoming more and more weird. Sometimes it seems like the scientist can't get enough of his lab that he still works on it even after death. He might have another fit of rage and it can be much worse than before. So play Escape Scientist Mad Lab room escape game by Yolk Games and bring peace to the scientist.

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  1. Date: February 22, 2017
    Author: roxtar
    Game is kinda buggy. I was able to escape without solving most of the puzzles. just did the one with the colored squares and lines and I was out.

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