Escape From Spanish Cottage Game

Escape From Spanish Cottage

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Escape From Spanish Cottage is a brand new, fresh escaping game developed by Enagames. Assume you are a religious man who had been travelling around the world and search for the places which could be linked into the faith. One day you were sitting in the livingroom when a famous religious path was promoted in the television. You decided to visit this extraordinary place in the next month. As you promised it yourself a couple of weeks later you were on the plane to this spanish place. When you arrived you met lots of pilgrim too who were eager to start the journey. You joined to a small group of them in order to have company. You were walking on the path for days when suddenly you glanced a small hut. You were glad to have something where you could sleep between four walls. Entering into the house you found it furnished well but it was empty. You wanted to go out to check if somebody was in the garden but found the entrance locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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