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Escape From Pretty Home

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You're looking for a house to live in. You're currently in an apartment and you feel like an open book. You want to have a little privacy and this house looks promising. It's situated north of where you're currently living. You've only explored the south as your friends are mostly from there. So this is a whole new experience for you. It actually gives you a thrilling feeling to start anew with a new view. But the thing is, when you saw this house, it's already open. You try to call out for the owner and talk to him about selling the house. However, no one's answering you. So you walk around the property to see if he's just doing something at the back. Still, no one's there. You want to be sure that this house is up for sale so you can stop the search here.

Finding no one outside, you walk inside the house. It's a bit messy but it cleaning is no problem to you. You enter a room and see some books on the floor. You pick up one but a lizard jumps off making you drop the book. Along with the dropping of the book, you hear a door closing. Play Escape From Pretty Home room escape game by Escape Games Today.

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