Escape PenGuin from Igloo House Game

Escape PenGuin from Igloo House

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Imagine in this game you are a researcher who have been studying the bottom of the ocean in the Arctic because supposedly there was a big amount of oil and gas beneath the mud which originated in the ancient ages when it was already a mainland and became overwhelmed by a big tsunami. One day a special offer was given to you that you could join to a team which was working in Greenland. A couple of days later you arrived to the destination and started your job with the scientists. You managed to find traces in a short time together and were successful during the following days too. One morning you had just woken up in your igloo when you heared sounds from the adjacent shelter. You peeked in through a hole and glanced a penguin trapped inside. You couldn't open the door of the igloo, it was locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to release the animal. Good luck!


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