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Escape Ocean Contour

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You are the captain of a 3-day cruise ship. It was a smooth sail but while you are looking at the map, you saw something interesting. You saw an alternative way that can bring you to your next destination faster. It was the Ocean Contour. It's just meters away from you and it can decrease your travel time by 1 day. This is the best time discover this way on the ocean. However, you are not sure about the new route but you gamble on this way. There're so many things that are going through your mind while you are taking the route. The government can award you for discovering a new route and the passengers will be so happy if this trip succeeds. These imaginations are awesome but that's not what happened. The Ocean Contour is so narrow and that's why your ship is stuck.

Your passengers are all angry. You have to escape from the Ocean Contour before the arrival date. You must be at your destination by next day. Find a way to escape from the Ocean Contour as fast as you can. Use your logic and the items that you have to escape. Escape Ocean Contour is a brand new outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games. Have fun!

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