Escape From Musical Instruments Shop Game

Escape From Musical Instruments Shop

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To be a rockstar is everybody's dream and before one can be a rockstar, he'll need a musical instrument. So you went to the Musical Instruments Shop to buy an instrument that's right for you. But looks like music is not your thing. You've tried to play guitar, keyboards, ukulele and even a xylophone but none of those fits you. Your last choice is the drums. You sat down on the stool and started to bang the drum. The beat came to your veins and finally! You found the perfect instrument for you. The loud sound of the drums tickles your senses. You really enjoyed playing the drums so much that you did not notice that the shop is about to close. Moments later, the musical instruments shop closed and you are locked inside.

There is nobody else around except for you. You have to find a way to escape from the shop. Collect instruments that can help you to escape. There might be some clues around the shop that can help you to unlock the door. Escape From Musical Instruments Shop is the newest room escape game by KNF Games that you will enjoy. Good luck and have fun!


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