Escape Mission Defence Secretary Game

Escape Mission Defence Secretary

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"This can't be happening!" Your head of the office boomed at all of you involved in the security department. You can't understand how things turned out this way as well. Before going to missions, you usually have an almost fool-proof plan at hand. Every possible cause of failure of the operation is already laid down so a solution can be formed. Yet, the attacking group were still able to find loopholes and ended up abducting the defense secretary. This started a lot of buzz about the loyalty of the members. Who had no sense of loyalty whatsoever to give away the plans of your group? But of course, no one would easily come clean to that. So instead, your head ordered you to rescue the secretary first. After which you'll be searching for the person responsible for his abduction.

You all went to the location at the same time to avoid suspicions. However, regardless of how careful the others were, you're still able to pick up some hints. Some of them just forgot that someone was watching them. But your attention shifted when you started seeing the important hints for your escape mission. Play Escape Mission Defence Secretary outdoor escape game by Yolk Games and rescue the secretary.

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