Escape From Luxury Modern Villa Game

Escape From Luxury Modern Villa

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Technology is always moving forward, always evolving by the minute; wireless communications and remote controls, doing things with the push of a button, and automatic ascending or descending stairs.

You were an avid fan of it all. You were a geek--in your own opinion, at least. News traveled of a modern villa equipped with the latest technological inventions, since you didn't want to miss out on this great opportunity you signed up for it and agreed to stay for one night. You arrived the next day at the luxurious modern villa and was in awe of what it could do, of the many technological advances that it displays; levitating bed, lights that adjust brightness according to the bodies reaction...everything is high-tech. You settled yourself inside then planned to go out and order some food but you found out that the door wouldn't open.

You didn't want to call security because of your pride; you didn't want others to laugh at you so you tried to figure out how to open the door relying on clues from the room.

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