Escape From La Maison Arabe Hotel Game

Escape From La Maison Arabe Hotel

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La Maison Arabe hotel is one of the 5 star hotel in California. What else would you do? but the treat yourself in that hotel. You checked in and book for a night. The hotel is too big. You roam around and went to the hotel’s lobby, checked the garden, casino, and even the pool. You forgot something in your car and it’s your two piece bikini. You went to find the parking area without asking for the hotel crew’s help. You ended up to this floor full of wreck furniture’s. You changed your mind and decided to go out because the room looks creepy. But it’s too late you already don’t know which way outside. In this game created by Eight Games you need to find the way outside and check every details on the game before some monster appear in your back. Creepy right? Have fun!

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  1. Date: July 25, 2016
    Author: TRANCE
    The key to escape was mistakenly found swiftly before solving all the other puzzles or was it designed that way?

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