Escape Kerala Malabar Game

Escape Kerala Malabar

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Kerala is an Indian tropical state on Malabar coast. This place is famous for the canals and palm beaches. It is a go-to place for people who wants to relax. You booked a flight to Kerela, Malabar to destress your mind. There are so many things  that you've done like scuba diving, swimming, jet skis and banana boat. You've done all those activities with your tour guide. You hired a tour guide since it is your first time in the place. He was a good person and a smart guide but you wanted to enjoy your personal space and go island hopping alone. He did not recommend you to do this because you have no idea about the place but no one can stop you. You went to the different islands alone. It was so fun but as you go through the woods, you can't remember the way out.

You should have followed your tour-guide but there's no one that you can blame right now. Find a way to escape from Kerala Malabar. Find items that you can use to escape. There are also clues and puzzles that you will encounter along the way. Use your logic to solve all those puzzles. Enjoy playing Escape Kerala Malabar made by Ajaz Games!

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