Escape from Jungle Underpass Game

Escape from Jungle Underpass

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Escape from Jungle Underpass is point and click escape game from Ena Games. Imagine you are an addicted traveller who had been roaming around the world for years. You had been making your money by making music on the streets in the different countries, then you could buy drink and food from it. On a sunny day after Christmas, what you spent in India, you arrived to the dense jungle of its adjacent country, called Banglades. You spent a couple of days in its capital in order to gather enough money for the rest of the journey here. When you had enough reserve you set out to explore the jungle. You were hiking there for hours when suddenly the ground beneath you collapsed and you fell into a strange cave. You wanted to climb out but the wall was too steep. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out and escape alive. Good luck!


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