Escape Game Ruined Hospital 1 Game

Escape Game Ruined Hospital 1

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Your eyes slowly opened, everything was blurry at first then you started to gain a clearer comprehension of the situation. You are in a hospital, you remember that you are a comatose patient but you don't have a clue about the date and year. You attempted to stand but you fell, your extremities were adjusting from their immobility over the years they've been useless. When you looked towards where you assumed was the comfort room, a calendar caught your attention. You tried your best to stand up but failed, still, in doing so. You had to crawl to get a better point of view of the calendar. You were shocked; it has been twenty years since your last memory of being awake.

When you can finally stand you tried to check out your room, nothing really special here, just the usual stuff one would find in a hospital room. You looked outside the window and you noticed giant thorny vines was wrapped around the whole building. What the hell! You realized that the hospital was abandoned. Try to make your way outside.

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