Escape Game The Gym Game

Escape Game The Gym
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Due to peer pressure you finally decided to go to the gym, after all there is a gym near your house so that's where you planned to go; besides you have nothing to lose if you go. When you went inside the gym you noticed one particular guy staring at you like a laser beam about to melt a cone of ice cream. You paid no attention to this. You started to do the routines that you looked up via the Internet, you put on your earphones so you won't be bothered by the thought of the creepy guy. Then all of a sudden you noticed that all the lights went out, except for one on your far right. You can see the faint light in the corner of your right eye so you shifted your gaze there. There stood the creepy guy, smirking. He called out to you and said, "Come out, come out wherever you are."

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