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Escape Fruit Sense

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Fruits are your favorite food because it can make your skin smooth. And also, it can give you the best state of health that you could ever have. Speaking of fruits, you are born with a unique talent regarding this. You can sense if there is a nearby fruit in the area. Sometimes, this special talent is helpful but most of the time, it's irritating. Every fruit tingles your senses and it makes you crazy. You went to the doctor to consult him about your condition and he says that he can treat this unique Fruit Sense but first, you have to solve some puzzles. These puzzles can help you to overcome the fruit sense and it will make your life back to normal.

He will lock you in a room full of puzzles and he promised that if you can solve all those puzzles, you will be fine by the time you get out. These puzzles might be challenging but it will be worth it. Who knows that escaping fruit sense would be this fun? Play Escape Fruit Sense and solve the necessary puzzles. This brand new outdoor escape game is another exciting game from Ajaz Games. Good luck and have fun!

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