Escape from Witch Game

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While you are walking on the forest, you found a witch strolling by herself. you greeted her first. But when you did, she smiled at you and while chanting something. You froze on your spot and you just stared at her. Then she touched your arm and you followed her back to her cave. There you confirmed that she is indeed a witch. And in her boredom she chose to have you as her company. She told you she has nothing do and would like to be entertained. So to entertain her, she gave you a task of finding three things. And as you are doing so, she just watch you with full interest. Then it entered your mind that she might not be that bad. However, you need to get back home. So you quickened your pace but the witch doesn't seem to like it.


  1. Date: October 12, 2016
    Author: dewed
    Slider puzzles always stop me. Especially this one.

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