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Escape From Illusion

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You always wish to learn magic tricks. You really think it's very cool and many people put smiles on their faces when they see magic. It's what you want to do as well. However, you rarely have the time. You're very busy with your work since you're working for your first million. Then again, you know that you're not getting younger. And waiting for the right time may even mean never. So you take one Saturday off of your busy schedule to learn magic. While walking on the street, you see a piece of paper flying. You reach for it to read its content. It's exactly what you're looking for. You search for the address written on the paper. It's on an alley where people might not even know about it. Then you see an old door. You knock three times and it opens without anyone behind it.

You walk towards another door. But instead of seeing someone, you see a wide space in front of you. It's like in the middle of nowhere. But you're pretty sure you only entered through a door. Then you can hear a voice speaking about illusions. And what better way to understand it than to find your way out of it. Play Escape From Illusion outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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