Escape From Fun House Game

Escape From Fun House

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The fun starts now as the fun house opens for you. You've waited long enough for the fun house to open and you don't have a plan to leave anytime soon. You want to stay inside this house forever but the fun has come to an end. This funhouse is about to close and you have to leave the area as soon as possible. The thing is, you were having so much fun so you didn't bother to get out despite of the warning. You thought that you can continue the fun all night long but you are wrong. The fun really ended when the staffs closed all the light. It's not fun in the dark. You wished that you left the place when you had the chance. Now, you have to look for your own way to escape from the fun house.

The doors are all closed so you have to find clues that can help you to open the door. Not only that, since you don't have the key, you have to collect items that you can use to escape. Escape From Fun House is another exciting room escape game from Wow Escape that you will definitely enjoy. Have fun!

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