Escape From Fantasy Underground Game

Escape From Fantasy Underground

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You were walking along the street when your penny dropped into the manhole. That is the last penny that you have. Without that, you can't ride the bus and you can't go home. So, even if you know that it's a very deep hole, you still went under it. You were just finding your penny but what you found is much more. You discovered a fantasy underground which exceeded to your imagination. This is the greatest underground that you saw but still, you can't find your penny. So, you continued to walk until you finally found the penny. And now that you found it, you have to find your way out of this fantasy underground. This place is pretty amazing but what's more amazing are the puzzles that you have to solve.

There are so many puzzles in this place and you have to solve all of those. Each solved puzzles can give you a clue on how to escape from this. So, you have to hurry and use your logic so you can finally escape. Escape From Fantasy Underground is a brand new room escape game by WoW Escape that will test your logic and escape skills. Best of luck!

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