Escape From Forest Hut Game

Escape From Forest Hut

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You always wonder how Tarzan was like in the forest. It's cool to be like him when he get along with the animals. Because of this, you thought of building your our own forest hut and tried to live in the forest. But as time goes by, you understand that life in the forest isn't easy. It's hard to get something to eat but not only that, there are also wild animals which always try to attack you every night. You've been living in the forest for a week and you can't take it anymore. Maybe Tarzan is stronger than you and you can't beat that. However, you are more logical than him. You sure can think of a way on how to escape from your forest hut. You must find and collect items that you can use unlock the door.

Treat this as a huge puzzle that you need to solve. You must go around the forest hut and find clues that can help you to complete this point n' click escape game. Play this brand new outdoor escape game by AVM Games and Escape From Forest Hut as soon as possible. Can you make it? Good luck and have fun!

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