Escape from Forbidden Forest Game

Escape from Forbidden Forest

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Escape from Forbidden Forest is a point and click game from Ena Games. Imagine your workmates had been having hikes in the nearby forest for years. One day during the lunch-break they started to narrate stories for you about this beautiful place. As you were hearing their stories you took a liking to have a hike you too. Arriving home you told your plans for her and on the next weekend you were in your car heading to this breathtaking place. Getting out of the car a really fresh and clean air reached your lungs as it was predicted by your workmates. You hired a small hut in a village in the middle of the forest. You went to sleep relatively early to be rested for the following days. The next day when you woke up you realized your car was stolen and the nearest police office was far and could be reached only by bypassing a big lake. You wanted to spare time so decided to build some kind of boat and cross the lake with it. Find hidden objects and fit them together to fulfil your plan. Good luck and have fun!



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