Escape Fan Park Escape 2 Game

Escape Fan Park Escape 2

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You are a zookeeper tending on a small lion cub for months. This cub is playful and likes to wrestle with the other cubs although weak. According to your observations, the cub will just be fine as long as it's getting the right attention it needs. One day you arrived at the zoo and started to prepare its medication when you glanced at its cage. The gate is empty. You started to run out to the nearby park and amazingly found the little cub sitting in the grass innocently there. Calming it down, you noticed little anxiety on him and wanted to guide him back to the zoo. It seems that this creature is afraid of something. You try coaxing it to come with you. However, it snarled at you and got ready to pounce on you!

Search for different objects around and fit them together to make your way back. Good luck!


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