Escape From Exotic Bungalow Game

Escape From Exotic Bungalow

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You went for a trip abroad for the nth time. You've been out of the country for a lot of time already. However, you're mostly going to the same place over and over again. It's mainly because of your business meetings there. You don't want to admit it, but you've gone tired from going in and out of that country. So you made a decision to explore other places as well. Every month you allocate a portion of your income for your travels abroad. It's your first time going to this country. You researched the places to visit and places to stay at. You found this  beautiful bungalow. It's one of the classy places you wish you can have. But at least during your trip, you can experience the place. So you booked to stay there. It was such an easy process.

After gathering your things at the airport, you went straight to your accommodation. You can't wait to explore the place and probably get some inspiration for your dream house. As you walk along the walls of the house you also noticed how exotic it is. It made you smile even wider. But one thing that made you frown was the fact that you can't easily go out of this place. Escape from Exotic Bungalow is a room escape game by Eight Games. Enjoy your vacation. So escape.

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