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Escape Eatery
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Other people might be dreaming of having a corporate job that pays better. However, you just want to try out hings and find out where you'll be happy. You don't really focus on money. You just want to do the things you love. Of course you'll be needing money. But after a few years of working for it alone, you realize that you'd rather have the job you want. And for the longest time, you've been wondering about the duties in an eatery. Your curiosity can't be held back anymore and you try it out for yourself. The first few days were harsh. You need to move fast while making sure that you keep things clean. You can't have greasy utensils and tables. And although sometimes you get sharp looks from people  when they feel the service is off, you don't mind. No amount of stares can make you stop.

So you continue to enjoy the fast paced life in an eatery. Everything's good as long as you don't have any appointments afterwards. But this is not the case for today. You need to be out early but it's a rule to finish all your tasks first. Play Escape Eatery room escape game by 5n Games.

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