Escape from the Dreamland Game

Escape from the Dreamland

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Escape from the Dreamland is a game developed by Ena Games. Imagine you are an obsessed traveller who had been travelling around the Earth for years. One day while you were preparing the dinner at home you listened to the radio. It was a tourist programme on show and the broadcaster promoted a region where you realized you had never been. The next week you were on the plane heading to this country. When you arrived you took note of its naturalness. The trees were about thousand years old and the landscape was not cut up with buildings or man-made things. On the second day you decided to explore the lush forest nearby. As you entered amongst the trees you realized you must not deviate from the path or else you were going to be lost. But you culdn't follow the right way and became the victim of the dense forest. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck!



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