Escape Dinosaur Island Game

Escape Dinosaur Island

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You take great pride in being a researcher. You don't really think of yourself just as long as you can have the information needed. Last time, you almost got burned in your search for animals that can take very high temperatures. Your team mates were upset. One, because they're concerned. The other one was that they don't want to hear your superior blaming them. You haven't even seen your superior but they all said that he only favors you. You don't believe them at all. But sometimes, you can feel that the cameras in the room are for you. And that there's someone behind the lens wanting to talk to you badly. You continue your search in various libraries. However, you feel like you need to be in the field to really tell what it's like.

So you ask your superior to send you to a place where you can interact with dinosaurs. He sends his secretary to relay to you his message. But you won't back down and you approach his office once more. This time you receive an approval. Instantly, you head to Dinosaur Island. What you didn't know is that your superior is on a trip far away. And your team mates have penetrated his office. Play Escape Dinosaur Island outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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