Escape Deserted Island Game

Escape Deserted Island

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Finally! The vacation that you've been waiting for is here. Today's such a great day because you get to claim your prize for the summer raffle. This raffle is the one that you've won when you bought a sun block last month. You are the only one who won the raffle so the accommodation is all yours. However, your excitement ended when you saw the island. There's no one in this place except you. The picture from the brochure is very different from reality. Looks like you've been a victim of a fake promo. There are no hotels in this place, it's just a plain deserted island. You choose to go home rather than to stay in this island. The problem is, you don't have a map in this place, you also don't have a ticket so you can't ride at the ferry.

The only thing that's in this island is a clue. That should be enough for you to get away from this place if you will use your logic. There are also objects that you can collect and you can use those for your escape plan. Play Escape Deserted Island room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City and try to escape as soon as possible. Best of luck!


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