Escape Castle Walls Game

Escape Castle Walls

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You are a young knight and you've been living in the castle since you were little. You dedicate your whole life for the king but you feel like you are missing your own life. In line with this, you heard a lot of great things outside the castle. Unfortunately, you can't get out from the castle as if you are born to guard the king. This sounds so unfair but you know that life has choices and you choose to be free. However, you must expect that this would not be so easy for you because you have to go through the castle walls. Those walls are too high but it is not high enough to achieve freedom. You have to use your logic and think of a way to escape from this castle. It's night time so it's the perfect time to execute your escape plan.

You have to escape from there before the other knights wake up. There are lots of items in the castle that you can use to escape. You have to sneak around the castle and collect those items. Escape Castle Walls is the newest outdoor escape game made by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck and have fun!


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