Escape From Castello Di Casole Hotel Game

Escape From Castello Di Casole Hotel

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Castello Di Casole Hotel operated for only two years because the management was neglectful. It was declared bankrupt then operations immediately closed down. Six months after it closed down, a rich person decided to acquire the estate and renovate it for re-opening. The renovation took almost a year to finish but the result was exuberant. On its official re-opening, the new management sent out random invitations to random individuals inviting them to stay at the hotel for a week: "Our way of giving back to the community" so goes their slogan.

You were among the chosen individuals. You were admitted to the Hotel's grand hall then a short briefing was held. It was then revealed that the the invitation was an experiment, and that this was going to be a death match until only one person is standing. Can you survive the carnage and emerge victorious?

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