Escape Butterflies In Flower Horest Game

Escape Butterflies In Flower Horest

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A special species of tree forms a spectacular forest in the northern part of America. Every year the trees develop a beautiful flower on the top of them which help their breeding by distributing its content, a subtle powder. Every year a massive crowd of tourist visit the place to check this pageant because the flowers only last for less than a day. A group of people has just arrived to the location and they are really eager to experience this special event. You can see as an outstandingly curious Japanese tourist is wandering away from the assigned place, and you can no longer see him after a couple of minutes. He probably gets confused in the dense vegetation and never returns. Let's prevent a more disastrous outcome and guide her out from there. Have fun!

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  1. Date: March 27, 2016
    Author: Marijke
    The game doesn´t work properly.

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