Escape Another Nightmare Game

Escape Another Nightmare

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Escape Another Nightmare is a game created by Selfdefiant. Assume one day you played basketball with your friend on the ground of your school. Suddenly you heared screams coming from the adjacent building which was a deserted a factory. You went there to check what was behind the squeal but unfortunately became locked inside the building and could just barely escape, using another way out than the entry. This time one day your classmaster mentioned that in your town there was an old man who from one day to another day just disappeared. Nobody had ever seen him since that day. Supposedly he started to inhabit this deserted building. When the class was over and your curiosity also was raised you set out to check the building. When you got inside and strated to roam around suddenly you heared the entrance door thud. Returning to that point you realized it was locked again and the escape story must be repeated. Search for different clues around the building and use them to fulfil your escape. Good luck!



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