Escape From Abandoned Theatre Game

Escape From Abandoned Theatre

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Escape From Abandoned Theatre is a point 'n click game developed by Ena Games. Imagine you are an actor in a small and not really popular theatre in your city. But for your biggest surprise one day a wealthy man stepped inside and announced he was going to buy and renovate the whole theatre in order to make it the most fascinating and elegant building in the city. His dream was to lure the rich people inside who wanted to spend a night with culture. The next day the workers of the theatre orgainzed a party to celebrate this windfall and to discuss the prospective plans. You were eager to celebrate so hard you got drunk easily and fell into deep sleep soon. The next day when you woke up in the changing room you realized everybody had left and you were alone. You wanted to leave too but found the door locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape from there. Have fun!



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