Episode No. 013 - Coin Laundry Game

Episode No. 013 - Coin Laundry
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Episode No. 013 - Coin Laundry is japanese escape game from Aries. Imagine you have been living in a big bustling city for years where generally people don't have own washing-machine in order to save space in the flats so everybody take the dirty clothes into the laundry to wash them. One day you got home from work late and still had the task to take the clothes to wash them. You arrived just before closing hour but the owner of the place allowed you to enter and do it. You plugged in your earphones and started to listen music until the machine was washing the clothes. You fell asleep and when you woke up the shop was empty and the lights were turned down. You checked the entrance door but found it locked. Probably the owner forgot that he allowed you inside and closed the shop. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck!


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