Enchanted Pumpkin Forest Escape Game

Enchanted Pumpkin Forest Escape

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Losing your way around the enchanted forest, you still wonder about the legendary pumpkin in Cinderella's story. The beloved true story of Queen Danielle is centuries old but the pumpkin carriage she rode is still making waves. An old tale resurfaces about the enchanted pumpkin carriage that contained an enormous amount of magic. You went into the said location to find out the truth and to get the chance to see some strange creatures.

As you know from before, there is a single way to escape from an enchanted forest. And as it's Halloween, you will need to find the pumpkin king emblem and place it where it belongs. So all you can do now, is to explore the forest. If you're lucky, the pumpkin carriage will appear and take you in! Solve some puzzles that you will find to get clues about where could the emblem be. Good luck and have fun!


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