Empty Theater Escape Game

Empty Theater Escape

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It's a peaceful Saturday night. You have nothing to do and you want to get out of the house. So you search the web for a movie you can watch. There's a new movie that you really want to watch. However, you're wondering because it's not advertised anywhere. You're thinking this must be an indie movie. But the story seems interesting and you can't wait to watch it. The ticket can only be bought online. It's actually a good thing for you seems you don't like the hassle of falling in line and waiting. The theater is somewhere you didn't expect to see. As far as you can remember, this isn't here. There is a new establishment here and it's definitely not this one. However, you're thinking you may have just mistaken it for somewhere else. So you still continue the path inside.

Things are a little weird but you know it's only like this because it's your first time here. But you somehow feel that this is not how things should be. Then again, you continue to search for the main theater to watch the show. But as you walk around, you slowly become sleepy. And without meaning to, you fall asleep somewhere inside the theater. You wake up to the sound of a movie playing. Then you remember why you're here and also why you should get out. Play Empty Theater Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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