Electrician Escape Game

Electrician Escape

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Almost all of the houses in this subdivision are high-tech. In other words, these houses use electricity in almost everything. Since you are the electrician of this place, you are in demand. Today, you received a call from the deluxe house and the owner said that he needs a repair for his doorbell. So, you went to the house quickly to check the wirings and everything. You saw that you need to cut some wires but you cut the wrong one. You cut the wire of the automatic door. Because of this, the door won't open which means that you can't also get out. The owner doesn't need to know about this. He will surely get mad if he does so you have to fix the wires before he finds out. The owner will leave in a few minutes and he needs the door open to get out.

Key is not a thing in this deluxe house. So, you have to use your logic to fix the wires as soon as possible. There are clues that can help you to solve this puzzle and you have to use your logic to analyze those. Electrician Escape is the newest room escape game from 8b Games. Enjoy!

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