Easter Golden Egg Escape (Wow Escape) Game

Easter Golden Egg Escape (Wow Escape)

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"Find the Easter golden egg now!". Your boss' voice rings through the tunnel up to the yard. You're a worker bunny and the golden egg is like the main source of strength. It is not only because it is gold but it is also because you can see the future as you look at it. And your boss can't accept the fact that someone let it be slipped out of the hole. You somehow have an idea which one of your fellow bunnies did it. But you just can't say it out loud easily. So instead, you prepared your stuffs for a mission of finding the golden egg. You want to make sure that your claims are true before pointing out the culprit. And finding the egg can help in discovering the clues as well. But you know it will not be very easy.

The one who took it may notice you doing something to get it back. And for sure, that bunny will also do everything to keep the egg hidden. Likewise he'll do everything to hide any traces of him stealing the egg. Then again, you are someone who doesn't give up easily. Play Easter Golden Egg Escape (WoW Escape) room escape game by WoW Escape.

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