Easter Garden Escape Game

Easter Garden Escape

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Every children dream about getting a bunny as an Easter present. We can admit it, all of us has ever craved for it too. Unfortunately my parents have never surprised me with such an adorable gift, but Ann's parents are different. On the day of Easter morning they smuggled a baby rabbit into the garden while Ann was still sleeping. As she woke up, and peeked out of the window of her room she immediately glanced the tiny creature, hopping around in the garden. She rushed out to stroke him and play with him a little. She was so distracted by the fluffy being that she didn't notice when her parents left home. She wanted to get in to feed the bunny and give him some water but she bumped into a locked door, which led to the back of the house. She tried the main entrance as well, but it was locked too. Let's help Ann get inside somehow! Enjoy!

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