Easter Bunny Fantasy Escape Game

Easter Bunny Fantasy Escape

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Easter bunnies are one of your most favorite subjects when you draw. And you reserve only one special day to draw them. Every Easter, bunnies visit your yard where they'll pose for their pictures to be drawn. You're always having so much fun drawing them. And you make sure to get to know their names so they can claim their own copies. You have ten bunnies this Easter. They're quite energetic as they hop around more than they can stay still. It is such a challenge for you to finish each picture. However, you're able to sketch nine after a few hours. You know there are ten bunnies so you try calling the last one. Then again, no bunny is coming closer. So you round each bunny to get a closer look. But the one you're looking for is not among them.

You can't continue the final touch ups unless you find the last one. So you walk around your area only to find the clues as to where you can locate the bunny. Surprisingly, it seems like it's not alone. The day will end after a few hours so you have to be quick to find the Easter bunny or you're drawing will be unfinished. Play Easter Bunny Fantasy Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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