Eagle Forest Escape Game

Eagle Forest Escape

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In the very beginning, there were three orbs for everything. One for the living, one for the earth and water and one for the air. They were created by Oru. Oru was one of the 12. Among the 12 of them, there was harmony. Unfortunately, it only lasted until Oru created the orbs. Then Uru, who was the youngest of the 12, became jealous. He wanted the beautiful orbs for himself. At the same time, he hated Oru for creating something so majestic and perfect. No matter how hard he tried, he always failed to copy them. In his last resort, he killed Oru and took the orbs. The others captured Uru and imprisoned him. Before he was caught, he threw the orbs into the Eternal Deepness. He thought if he couldn't have them, nobody should. The orbs kept falling and falling and falling and they were supposed to keep this up since the deepness was eternal. But then, something got in their way and shattered them. From their pieces, our universe was born. It is said that a bigger piece can be found in the Eagle forest. It is the heart of the planet.

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