Dynamite In Theatre Game

Dynamite In Theatre

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Another case is laid at your table after coming back from your recently closed case. You know this is the life that comes with the responsibility you choose. Sometimes, you feel like backing out and just settle with an office position. However, you want to live your life to the fullest for you'll be living only once. So you choose to stay in your current position and work your way into fitting various cases into your schedules. It's nearing night time and people around your area are flocking in theaters. You're once a huge fan of the theater. When you want to run away from house chores, you'll get inside the theater. Sometimes you use the theater as an alternative bedroom. You'll sleep until the movie is over and your mom's anger subsides. You have many fond memories here and you want others to make god memories here as well.

But first you have to diffuse a bomb within the remaining time. After a long day of work, you just want to see a movie and laugh off today's stress. But you still have to do your work even in a theater. At least you don't have to see people flying anywhere because of the bomb. Play Dynamite In Theater outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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