Dream Cave House Escape Game

Dream Cave House Escape

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You want a cave house just like Batman's. But to make that happen, you must find a great cave first. So you roamed around the city just to find the coolest cave ever. And after days of searching, you finally found the perfect cave for you. You brought all the items that you should need to build your dream cave house but unfortunately, it dropped on the way. But the worse news is, you lose your way inside the cave. This should be a happy day but looks like this cave isn't for you. You have no choice but to go back to your old house but before anything else, you must first escape from this cave. Since you dropped all the items that you have, you must go to the cave. Then, find new objects that you can use to escape.

You should use your logic to convert those items into an escape tool. However, you found out that this cave is magical because there are puzzles that you need to solve so you can escape. So Play Dream Cave House Escape room escape game from Games2 Rule. Find clues that can help you to solve those puzzles. Good luck!

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