Dragula Palace Game

Dragula Palace

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Dracula is a famous vampire who lives in a castle. In fact, everyone knows him so well. People are aware of his acts and what he does. His life is written in the history books. But what people don't know about him is that he has a brother named Dragula. If you think that Dracula is the scariest vampire, you have to think twice. Dragula is the most powerful and scariest being on the planet. He just doesn't suck blood but he also eats the whole body. He does not play games with anyone so you have to escape from his palace. His palace has items that you can use to open the door. But not only that, there are also lots of puzzles that you need to solve in able to escape. He will wake up by 12:00 midnight so you have to escape before that time comes.

Of course, you don't want to be his dinner for tonight so you have to do your best and use your logic to escape. Go around Dragula Palace and find clues that can help you. This brand new point n' click room escape game is made by Ena Games. Good luck and have fun!


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